gifts for second baby

Gifts For Second Baby

When you’re friend is expecting another child, the idea of adding the next baby becomes more real. You may be wondering what kinds of gifts you should ask for or plan to give as you prepare for this new arrival. 

However, many moms already have all the essential baby gear they need when it comes to having a second or third child. Here are a few gifts for second baby that can make life with two little ones a bit easier. Most of these items can be used even for the third baby.

12 Gifts For Second Baby On Amazon

Scroll down for the products you can bring to the second baby shower or the baby sprinkle party, and it will make the expecting mom thrilled.

Backpack Style Diaper Bag

gifts for second baby

If you have a friend or family member expecting their second child, why not gift them a stylish and practical diaper bag? It is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. It frees up their hands to efficiently juggle their new baby and toddler. Plus, it’s packed with all the essential features they need to keep their little ones happy and hydrated while out and about. 

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Stuffed Animal

gifts for second baby

A wonderful gift for the second baby of your friend is a stuffed animal or teddy bear. When a couple has their first baby, they receive gifts of all sorts, but when they have their second baby, not as many people think to give them a gift. However, a stuffed animal or teddy bear is always welcomed and appreciated by the parents, and it’s a great way to show you care about your family. Plus, it’s a cute and cuddly present for the new baby to enjoy.

Cloth Diapers

gifts for second baby

It can be tough to decide what practical gift to give for a second baby. After all, the new parents probably have all the gear they need for their little one. However, one practical gift that is always appreciated is cloth diapers. New parents will save much money over their child’s diapering years by using cloth diapers instead of disposables. 

Meal Delivery

gifts for second baby

Being a new mom is hard enough, let alone having to cook every meal from scratch. If you know a new mom who could use a break, why not sign her up for a meal delivery service?

With just a few clicks, she can have restaurant-quality meals delivered right to her doorstep. Whether she’s craving Thai, Italian, or comfort food, there’s sure to be a meal delivery service that will suit her taste.

Best of all, she won’t have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes. So if you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the new mom in your life, consider signing her up for a meal delivery service.

Baby Clothes

gifts for second baby

If you have a busy mom friend who just had her second baby, you may be wondering what kind of gift to get her. One thoughtful and practical option is to gift clothes for the new baby. This can be especially helpful if the baby is born in a different season than the first child or if the family has moved to a new climate. Therefore, gifting clothes can be a huge help. Plus, receiving cute clothes for a new baby is always lovely! When selecting clothes to gift, consider the family’s style and any specific needs they may have.

Baby Carrier

gifts for second baby

A baby carrier is also the perfect gift; not only will it help make life with a newborn more accessible, but it will also allow them to keep their older child close while adjusting to their new sibling. Look for a comfortable and easy carrier, and be sure to try it out before you give it as a gift. That way, you can be sure that your friend or loved one will love it as much as you do.

Toddler Bed

gifts for second baby

A toddler bed is an ideal present that will be both practical and appreciated. With a toddler bed, your friend’s child will feel like a big kid, and they will be able to transition out of their crib more easily. 

A Basket Filled With Baby Essentials Like Diapers, Wipes, Lotions, And Toys

gifts for second baby

Gifts for a second baby are often overlooked because it’s assumed that the family already has everything they need. However, second baby gifts can be just as unique and appreciated as gifts for the firstborn.

A basket filled with baby supplies like diapers, baby wipes, lotions, and toys is a practical and thoughtful second baby gift that the entire family will appreciate. Not only will it save the parents time and money, but it will also help to make the second baby feel loved and welcomed.

Double Stroller

gifts for second baby

If you have a friend who is expecting their baby number two, you may be wondering what kind of gift to get them. One option is a double stroller. It can be a big help for parents of two young children and make life much easier. If you choose to gift a double stroller, pick one that is durable and easy to use. There are many great options on the market, so take your time to find the perfect one for your friend.

 A Personalized Book

gifts for second baby

You’ll want to document all of the new milestones and memories, so a baby book is a perfect gift. If you’re not sure what type of book to choose, a gift certificate to a baby store or website is always a welcome present. Parents can use it to purchase whatever they need, clothes, toys, or even diapers.

A Play Gym

gifts for second baby

If you know someone who is expecting their second child, consider giving them a play gym as a gift. It will surely bring hours of enjoyment to both the parent and child. A play gym can help to develop essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination

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Baby Blanket

gifts for second baby

A baby blanket is a perfect option! Not only are they incredibly soft and cuddly, but they also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Plus, they can be used for both babies and toddlers. A baby blanket will surely be a hit for both the parents and the new arrival.

Summing Up:

Finding the perfect gift for a second baby of your friend or family can be fun. Sometimes it is hard to know what to get, but with some thought, you can come up with something great. We hope our list of ideas has given you some inspiration for your gifts.

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