Gift for Dog Lovers

Gift for Dog Lovers

Do you know someone who love dogs? If so, they’re going to love Asobu Bottle!

As the perfect gift for dog lovers is a unique product that allows people to take your furry friend with you wherever they go.

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Whether they’re on a walk around the neighborhood or running errands at the store, Asobu Bottle makes it easy for to bring dog along.

With its patented design, Asobu Bottle is the only product of its kind on the market today.

What is the Dog Water Bowl?

The Asobu Bottle Dog Water Bowl is a water bottle for humans, with a removable bowl at the base which can be used by dogs.

The base is anti-slip, which makes it easy for a dog to drink from.

Asobu is a Japanese word that refers to a person’s disposition. It means “fun and enjoyable nature” in the Japanese culture.

The company is focused on providing people and pets with water bottles that are not only fun and enjoyable, but high-quality and long-lasting.

Features of the Asobu Bottle and Dog Bowl

This innovative water bottle and dog bowl keeps the water cool for the dog lover in your life and their dog!

Large Capacity: With 33 ounces of water, your favorite dog lover will be set for them and their companion!

Detachable No Slip Bowl: The base of the bottle detaches easily to fill with water to keep the dog properly hydrated. The anti-slip base of the bowl helps keep the bowl in place while the dog is drinking. Plus, the bowl is stainless steel and insulated, with the inner coating being BPA free plastic. This not only helps making it easier to screw the bowl onto the bottle, but helps prevent rust.

Easy Grip Handle: This handle makes it easy to walk around carrying the leash and other items. Now going for walks is even easier.

Vacuum Insulated: Water will stay cold for hours inside the Asobu Bottle.

Why dog lovers are raving about Asobu Bottle

As the perfect solution for dog lovers, Asobu Bottle is a must-have for anyone who owns a dog. In addition to being able to take your dog with you wherever you go, Asobu Bottle also makes it easy to give your dog a drink of water. With its built-in water bowl, Asobu Bottle allows you to give your dog a drink of water without having to stop and find a water source.

Asobu Bottle is well designed and manufactured, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our personal experience

I had been reading about the Asobu Bottle with the detachable bowl for dogs and thought it would be perfect for walks with our dog Molly. A friend of mine actually bought one for us as a gift. I have not been disappointed! It’s become one of the most-used items in our house.

We live at a higher elevation, and it’s often hot and dry here. Before we had the Asobu Bottle, we would bring along a regular water bottle for Molly and us to drink out of. We would try and pour the water into her mouth, but most of it would end up on the ground. Plus, by the time we got home, the water would be lukewarm at best and Molly would be thirsty.

The AsobuBottle has been a lifesaver on our walks! We fill it up with cold water before we leave, and simply detach the bowl and give Molly a drink without any mess. Not only does Molly stay hydrated, but we do too. It’s been a game-changer for us, and we’re so grateful to have it!

Reviews – Gift for Dog Lovers

Asobu Bottle has thousands of reviews, and ranks 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

See what dog lovers across the country are saying about this gift:

We used it for the first time today and it worked great. It holds more than enough water for my husband, myself and our two dachshunds. The bowl is easy to screw off and on. Plenty of room for both our dogs to drink at the same time. I loved that you can even use the top as a cup so more people can drink at once. All around great bottle!

Julia H.

This portable drinking bottle is fantastic! A really ingenious idea to have a bottle of water that both people and the dog can drink from. Super impressed with the quality of the product and I can confidently say that the screw off dog drinking bowl is big enough for a really big dog too. Ours is a 60kg Bernese Mountain Dog and he is very happy to drink from it! A brilliant product, thank you so much!

B. Blue

This is such a cool concept! We always bring a big extra jug of water with us on trips. Now we can bring this water bottle instead. I like that it holds an entire liter without looking very bulky. The bowl design is excellent too — it doesn’t have a lot of threads so it’s easy to get on and off, and looks like a normal bowl when off. It also has grip material on the bottom, so I can have it on the floor of my car while I’m driving and it doesn’t slide anywhere.

Sophie E.

Love this water bottle/bowl combo. It has a wide mouth that is easy to put ice cubes in, and stays cold for a long time. It is not quite as heavy as I thought it would be, which I love. The water bowl is a great addition, my dog loves drinking out of it.

T. McNeill

Not only does this water bottle keep the water cold for extended periods of time, but it holds enough for my two german shepherds when we go to the dog park. I love the twist off bowl for them to drink out of because then I don’t have to remember water and a bowl – its all in one! The bowl is a little small for my large dogs but I just refill it a few times and it’s perfect. Everyone at the dog park wants one now! The perfect product for anyone with active dogs.

L. Noelle

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Where Can I Buy Asobu Bottle as a Gift for Dog Lovers?

Amazon has the Asobu Bottle in stock. If you are a Prime member, you can enjoy free shipping and no-hassle returns. This is the really the perfect gift for dog owners and is very highly-rated.

Order the Asobu Bottle today for the dog lover in your life so they can begin enjoying the many benefits it has to offer!

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Many colors available!

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