Dog Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle

Owning a pet can be incredibly rewarding, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. One of the most important things you can do for your furry friend is make sure they’re always hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. That’s where the Asobu Bottle comes in.

This handy pet water bottle and bowl is designed specifically for dogs, and it features a large 33 oz. capacity that ensures your pet will never go thirsty.

The anti-slip base makes it easy for your pet to drink from, and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold.

This dog bowl bottle is designed so well

Insulated dog water bottle

The Asobu dog bottle is a 33 Ounce stainless steel bottle that will make sure your furry friend will stay sufficiently hydrated on long walks, especially on a hot summer day. The asobu dog bowl bottle is vacuum insulated so it keeps keeps the water cold. When you feel it, you can instantly tell that it’s a heavy duty quality product when you feel it. At the same time, it’s lightweight enough that you can carry it with ease.

The Asobu dog bowl is a detachable bowl that makes it so convenient to stop and give your dog a well deserved break and a drink of water. The anti slip base of the bottle makes it easy for your pets to drink and not tip this removable dog bowl over, regardless of the size of your pet.

The easy grip handle is comfortable to carry. This easy grip handle makes makes going on a walk with your dog while holding the bottle and bowl and the leash very easy.

Things I love about this dog bowl bottle

Features of dog water bottle

As a dog owner, I really appreciate how easy it is to use this dog water bottle. Before I had this product, we would take regular Nagaline style water bottles or even disposable plastic water bottles with us. But with no dog bowl, whenever we tried to give our dog a drink, water would invariably end up all over the place including our dog, ourselves and the ground.

With this product, I simply unscrew the top of the water bottle, pour the cold water in the detachable silicone bowl, and let my dog drink her fill. When she’s done, I screw the lid back on and we’re good to go. No more wasted water, wet dog, wet clothes or soaked leashes! Plus, there’s no cross contamination by sharing water.

I also really like how the Asobu dog bowl bottle keeps the water cold. I live at a higher elevation, and it gets pretty hot here during the summer months. With this bottle being double wall vacuum insulated, I don’t have to worry about the water getting too warm when on hikes or long walks. Warm drinking water is something I can’t stand! This bottle and bowl ensures that my dog stays sufficiently hydrated even on log walks or hikes, or even on a hot day where we take a shorter walk.

I also appreciate the fact that the the Asobu dog bowl bottle is stainless steel and BPA free. I’m very particular about what goes into my body, and I only want the best for my dog as well. With this water bottle, I know that the water is safe for her and me to drink.

What I would change about this dog water bottle

One thing I would change about this product is the capacity of the bottle. Really, this is just because of where we live and our lifestyle. We’re avid hikers and there are so many great trails around us that we often take full day hikes.

I sometimes wish we had a larger capacity bottle so we didn’t have to worry about refilling it as often. But 33 ounces is still a lot of water, and it’s never been a big issue for us. And, I would imagine most other people would not want to carry a larger, heavier bottle around either. So, it’s really not that big of a deal.

Also, this dog bowl bottle is not dishwasher safe. I understand why it’s not because of the vacuum insulation, but I still have to wash it by hand. This is really no big deal to me, but I know some people might prefer a dishwasher safe option.

Overall, these are very minor issue and doesn’t affect my use or enjoyment of the product in any way. It’s one of the most-used products I own.

How to purchase this dog water bottle

If you live in the USA and Canada, the Asobu dog water bottle is available for purchase on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members.

You can also find it at a number of other online retailers, as well as some brick and mortar stores. I would highly recommend this product to any dog owner, whether you’re an avid hiker or just taking your dog for a walk around the block. It’s a great way to ensure you and your dog are sufficiently hydrated at all times.

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Asobu dog bottle Lite

Golden retriever drinking from Asobubottle lite 50 oz

There is another version of this product called the Asobu dog bowl bottle lite. It actually has a larger 50 ounce large capacity bottle and large capacity bowl.

I like the idea of the size, but it is not a double wall stainless steel water bottle. Rather the bottle lite is made of lightweight heavy duty shock and scratch resistant plastic. The lite dog water bottle that still has the detachable silicone bowl with the anti slip base, and the handle makes it convenient to carry, so the dog are sufficiently hydrated. This scratch resistant 100 BPA free bowl and 50 ounce water bottle is perfect for those who want a durable and safe option for their dogs.

The only downside I see with this lite version of the Asobu dog bowl bottle is that it won’t keep the water as cold.

The 50 ounce bottle lite is also available for purchase on Amazon, with free shipping in USA for Prime members.

Dog bowl replacement

Replacement bowl for Asobu Bottle

On the note of related products, you can also purchase a dog bowl replacement. These don’t have to be just replacements for ones that are broken. They can also be used for an extra bowl, or if you have multiple pets or dogs. They’re also great for traveling as you can take them with you and not have to worry about packing a bowl.

The dog water bowl replacements are also available for purchase on Amazon.


Dog drinking water from Asobubottle

The Asobu dog bowl bottle is the perfect product to make sure you and your dog are sufficiently hydrated even on a hot day. It makes it very easy for you and your pets to drink from without any cross contamination. The anti slip base makes it easy for your pets to drink and not tip over, and the handle is very convenient for you to carry around. With this product you an re hydrate at anytime, or anywhere.

Whether you choose the traditional vacuum insulated copper lined version, or the dog bowl and 50 ounce Lite model, the Asobu bottle products will keep you and your pets sufficiently hydrated even on the most hot summer day.

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